As employers in Australia, we have a responsibility to our employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace. Fortunately, some of us are able to support our employees through crisis and hardship in ways that can only be described as empowering and caring for the employee. An employee with a drug or alcohol addiction in your workplace is a risk to themselves and to others in the workplace. Employees will be often unable to communicate this effectively or honestly due to the nature of the disease, and in many cases, addiction to drugs or a drug problem is only ever detected by mandatory drug testing in the workplace. For the majority, it goes unnoticed until something desperate happens that will bring this to your attention. The costs surrounding addiction in the workplace in Australia as a nation is in excess of $6 Billion per annum for just alcohol alone.

Visible Recovery can offer assistance with this issue for employers. As a confidential and private organisation, that are experienced and skilled at dealing with this problem, we are able to offer several ways in which we can support and assist your employees. They include:-

  • Educational programs for your employees around addiction and the consequences, along with some suggestions and training about some possible solutions
  • Therapy-based programs that are bespoke and specific to your needs on a per-client basis
  • Residential Treatment that is abstinence-based, which can be programmed around your specific client requirements
  • Attractive rates for treatment

Helping your employee to overcome their addictions will enable you to retain the investment that you have made in them as a business . It will bond the employee in a way that will offer longevity and stability in the relationship, and grow trust and appreciation in ways that could never be achieved organically. It shows the world that your employees are valued and respected in their commitment to you, and offers you as the employer a great sense of integrity, emotional and business credibility and acumen.

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Visible Recovery offers treatment for all addictions, including food addictions (bulimia and anorexia), gambling, sex & love, co-dependency, as well as drugs and alcohol.

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