Sian Snedden

Group Therapist / Psycho-education

Sian Snedden is a skilled counsellor with more than ten years’ experience helping clients in the area of addiction . Originally from the UK, Sian has a background in film and theatre. These creative talents have recently led her to add art therapy to her counselling skills, having achieved a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy in 2015. Sian has a client-centred holistic approach to therapy, incorporating spiritual aspects with her passion for meditation, mindfulness and self development. Narrative and Gestalt therapy techniques are predominant in her group therapy sessions. In her private practice, Sian works with individuals and small groups, helping clients with issues of mental health and addictions (including alcohol and other drugs, gambling and food addictions). Sian assists those that are not afraid to do the deeper work of which the Art Therapy is instrumental. Sian has just completed her degree in Counselling and has started her Masters in Counselling at Tabor College.